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Tip the scales in your favor with TBI.

The subject of medical diagnostic imaging is not something that people readily connect to the practice of law. Yet, people continually come in contact with imaging centers for personal injury all the time. Even peripherally, imaging centers can help establish the reputation of a law firm in the minds of potential clients. That is why law firms need to take the deliberate steps to develop and establish an effective relationship with a professional and state-of-the-art imaging center they can trust. Since 2000, TBI has provided high technology diagnostic services for theTampaBaymedical and legal community. To provide your clients with a pleasant, professional experience, we employ Board Certified Radiologists, Trained Technologists, Management Team and a Caring Staff. We take pride in working as a team to meet our ultimate goal of attending to the individual client and attorney needs.


Look to Tampa Bay Imaging (TBI) as your imaging partner.

Any prospective client who has been injured in an accident will be making the most important decision of their lives when choosing their legal counsel for reclamation of damages. Tampa Bay Imaging (TBI) understands most cases are represented on a contingency basis. We offer the best in diagnostic imaging combined with the highest quality support service, which can mean the difference between minimal recovery or maximum policy limits. With TBI as your partner, you can utilize our unparalleled image quality that your opposing party does not want to face.


At TBI, we are experienced working with Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation attorneys. We work with you on a case-by-case basis. Our Board Certified Radiologists write concise reports that as attorneys, you must have to support your case.


Other services include:

  • Prompt Reports within 48 hours of your client's MRI
  • State-of-the-art Technology with Superior Image Quality
  • Identifiable and Definitive Pathology
  • Thinner Slices. No skips
  • Increased Case Value
  • Professional and Courteous Staff
  • Single Contact for Billing Questions
  • Choice of Reading Radiologist
  • Radiologists are available for telephone consultation
  • Large Network to Grow Practice Through Referrals

What makes TBI's MRI scans different from the rest?

Trauma-related injuries in the knee, shoulder, jaw or spine can be minuscule in size. TBI's high-field, high-quality MRIs generate images in 2 millimeter to 3 millimeter slices with virtually zero "skip" (the gap between captured images - see representation below). The results are increased case value, improved readability, increased number of views of superior quality, and the greater opportunity to find trauma-related injuries allowing your client to receive the proper care.

Other Facilities MRI
4mm to 5mm slices


Tampa Bay Imaging High-Field MRI
2mm to 3mm slices



square.png Limited number of views
square.png Larger slices & "skips"
square.png Inferior image quality
square.png Large field of view
square.png Three times more images
square.png Smaller slices
square.png ZERO "skips"
square.png Superior image quality
square.png Identifies the smallest tears

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